Good e-Learning bespoke e-learning is designed exclusively with your business needs, culture and capabilities in mind, therefore it will be 100 percent relevant to your organization and your learners.

There are obvious benefits for a bespoke e-learning solution in terms of user engagement and involvement, but the return on investment can be huge too because there’s no need to renew licenses!

Programs that fit seamlessly into your culture, corporate language and tone of voice, are a powerful addition to your learning and development offering.

GEL Online Training

Jamie is the newest member to the Good e-Learning team. With a strong background in Marketing including an Msc in Consumer Marketing from the University of Liverpool he is working in the marketing team as the Marketing Executive. Getting stuck in with Good e-Learning’s exciting product launches and with a keen interest in the Hi-Tech, B2B market place Jamie would be happy to help you with any questions you might have.