What is Infrastructure Architecture?

Within the TOGAF metamodel, the Infrastructure Architect is often responsible for the “Technology Architecture”, and a part of the “Information Systems Architecture”.  So what is Infrastructure Architecture?

The rise in Big Data, cloud computing and the multiplicity of remote devices has placed intense pressure on infrastructure.  Ever-expanding issues of integration, security and information management are the new challenges to modern organizations.

Free TOGAF Downloads!Infrastructure Architecture is a structured approach to dealing with this new infrastructure landscape.  Successful Infrastructure Architecture clarifies what functionality is required, by whom, and at what level of quality.

This analysis facilitates informed decision-making in the process of designing, constructing and running your organization’s infrastructure.  It will allow you to use the right models quickly, leading to better results.

Great Infrastructure Architecture ensures trust.  In SLAs, OLAs, and in your customer, who need to rely on accurate delivery times, accurate and timely invoicing, and service delivery.  Whichever sector you are in.

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