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How Do I Use COBIT® 2019 in a Way That Suits...

COBIT 2019 has been constructed so that it can be used to understand the whole organization, not just as per our earlier definition, but also in terms of providing a best-practice approach in which relevant elements can be considered for use.

Should COBIT® 2019 be implemented alone, or alongside other frameworks?

The short answer to this is: COBIT 2019 is designed to be understood, tailored, and implemented with other frameworks in mind.

When Would a Company Need an I&T Governance Framework?

Here we see that decision-making, if it is to be effective, efficient, consistent, and transparent, requires the support of a framework that will help us understand and ensure that it happens properly.

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The IT4IT vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT and underpins the important work done with IT frameworks such as TOGAF® 9, COBIT® and ITIL®.