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Philip is a content writer with experience across multiple industries, including gaming, home improvement, and now e-learning. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a BA in History before taking on various odd jobs and volunteer writing positions, but soon broke into professional writing as a retail journalist. Now focusing on content writing, Philip is a tireless enemy of cliched corporate jargon. He believes that marketing content should be clear, concise and relevant to readers. Rather than assuming that customers know all about your solution, it is up to you to identify with their problem and offer something that will really get their attention. As such, he strives to understand the real-world applications of Good e-Learning’s product portfolio so that it can be explained in a way that is both coherent and down to earth. If you cannot understand what you are selling, you won’t get far! In his spare time, Philip enjoys watching movies, gaming and writing with friends.
Open Group Releases TOGAF 10

The Open Group Releases TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition

This new release represents a major step forward in marrying TOGAF with numerous recent developments in business, technology, and general EA practices.
What Are the Signs of a Good Cyber Resilience Strategy

What Are the Signs of a Good Cyber Resilience Strategy?

These days, everyone prioritizes cybersecurity. After all, staying safe in the digital world is just as relevant in our day to day...
Team Building with Online Training

Team Building with Online Training

Teams may have gotten used to new forms of scheduling and communication for the sake of business continuity, but with many professionals having gone months or even years without seeing coworkers face to face, it can be difficult for managers to maintain working relationships, let alone build on them.
What Impact Has Lockdown Had on DevOps Teams

What Impact Has Lockdown Had on DevOps Teams?

Digitization is par the course for DevOps work, and most teams were utilizing software for remote communication and scheduling well before the start of the Pandemic. However, that is not to say that the new global working situation, coupled with new developments in technology, have not created their own share of challenges for DevOps teams.
What Are the Benefits of Cloud Technology for ITSM

What Do ITIL Practitioners Need to Know About the Cloud?

Despite the potential of cloud technology, however, there is an evident gap between the needs of businesses and the availability of qualified candidates. This has created a situation where professionals and businesses with the right knowledge and capabilities can enjoy major opportunities to stand out and thrive.
What's the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience?

What’s the Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience?

In essence, cybersecurity is about securing your company against threats, while cyber resilience is about preparing your company to deal with and recover from them.
Why is Sustainability Important in ITSM

Why is Sustainability Important in ITSM?

It can be easy to forget just how much of a carbon footprint digital services can have, especially given how reliant we have become on them for everything from work, to communication, to entertainment. For digital service providers, even a few daily practice changes can have a significant impact on the sustainability of its operations, strategy, and offering.
Is CompTIA Good For Beginners in IT?

Is CompTIA Good for Beginners in IT?

One of the main selling points of CompTIA training is that there’s something for everyone. The certification path offers courses for candidates with varying skills, backgrounds, and levels of experience, including complete newcomers!
Online Degree Names Good e-Learning as a Top LMS for 2022

Good e-Learning LMS Named as Top LMS for 2022 by Online...

Good e-Learning is pleased to announce that the Learning Management System, the Learning Ecosystem, appeared on the ‘Best LMS for 2022’ list...
Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

When AXELOS announced ProPath, it provided a clear path for candidates to truly benefit from the world’s lead professional frameworks. Combining world-class...

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