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Philip is a content writer with experience across multiple industries, including gaming, home improvement, and now e-learning. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a BA in History before taking on various odd jobs and volunteer writing positions, but soon broke into professional writing as a retail journalist. Now focusing on content writing, Philip is a tireless enemy of cliched corporate jargon. He believes that marketing content should be clear, concise and relevant to readers. Rather than assuming that customers know all about your solution, it is up to you to identify with their problem and offer something that will really get their attention. As such, he strives to understand the real-world applications of Good e-Learning’s product portfolio so that it can be explained in a way that is both coherent and down to earth. If you cannot understand what you are selling, you won’t get far! In his spare time, Philip enjoys watching movies, gaming and writing with friends.
establishing enterprise architecture in banks

How to Create an EA Practice in Banks – Q&A With...

"... it is critical that EA knowledge becomes relevant to a much wider spectrum of the business to achieve agility."
what is e-learning

What is e-Learning?

What is the value of online training? E-learning, or 'electronic learning', is a rapidly expanding global industry based around...
TOGAF 10 what's new

What’s New With TOGAF 10?

TOGAF 10 represents the culmination of several years worth of expertise, discussion, and first-hand experience from companies and practitioners at the cutting edge of EA.
What Are the Best Books for PRINCE2

What Are the Best Books for PRINCE2?

When it comes to studying project management, it never really 'ends'. Whether as a student or an active project manager, it is important to always be on the lookout for new insight and ideas.
Is Learning Algorithms Important for DevOps Engineers

Is Learning Algorithms Important for DevOps Engineers?

An 'algorithm' is a set of rules, steps, or processes to follow, usually for the sake of solving problems, making calculations, and...

What Are the Best Practices of PRINCE2 Foundation?

One of the most important things for candidates to learn is that the best practices of the PRINCE2 methodology are not simply a set way of doing things. Rather, they are formed by PRINCE2's Principles, Processes, and Themes.
What Is the Relation Between ITIL and PRINCE2

What Is the Relation Between ITIL and PRINCE2?

Both frameworks are widely used, highly adaptable, and updated on a regular basis, creating active and thriving practitioner communities. However, with their prominence comes the question, 'ITIL or PRINCE2?' Can a business or individual benefit from utilizing both ITIL 4 and PRINCE2? Do the frameworks complement or compete with one another?

Measuring Success in TOGAF

Enterprise Architecture serves a crucial function when it comes to strategic transformation and optimization. By clarifying organizational requirements, goals, and capabilities, enterprise...
Preparing for the MSP Exam

Preparing for the MSP Exam

For both experienced and prospective program managers, the MSP framework offers demonstrably effective best practices. Certification can even help candidates unlock new responsibilities and job roles, especially as the framework can be applied regardless of a company's size, structure, or industry.
Open Group Releases TOGAF 10

The Open Group Releases TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition

This new release represents a major step forward in marrying TOGAF with numerous recent developments in business, technology, and general EA practices.

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Video: TOGAF 9.2 – Everything You Need to Know

Having set the standard for enterprise architecture for over two decades, The Open Group caused a huge stir when it announced TOGAF Version 9.2. Both new enterprise architecture students and experienced TOGAF practitioners had several pertinent questions...