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Philip is a content writer with experience across multiple industries, including gaming, home improvement, and now e-learning. He graduated from the London School of Economics with a BA in History before taking on various odd jobs and volunteer writing positions, but soon broke into professional writing as a retail journalist. Now focusing on content writing, Philip is a tireless enemy of cliched corporate jargon. He believes that marketing content should be clear, concise and relevant to readers. Rather than assuming that customers know all about your solution, it is up to you to identify with their problem and offer something that will really get their attention. As such, he strives to understand the real-world applications of Good e-Learning’s product portfolio so that it can be explained in a way that is both coherent and down to earth. If you cannot understand what you are selling, you won’t get far! In his spare time, Philip enjoys watching movies, gaming and writing with friends.
Online Degree Names Good e-Learning as a Top LMS for 2022

Good e-Learning LMS Named as Top LMS for 2022 by Online...

Good e-Learning is pleased to announce that the Learning Management System, the Learning Ecosystem, appeared on the ‘Best LMS for 2022’ list...
Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

Understanding the ProPath Certification Path

When AXELOS announced ProPath, it provided a clear path for candidates to truly benefit from the world’s lead professional frameworks. Combining world-class...
Preparing for the TOGAF Exam

Preparing for the TOGAF Exams

There is certainly value in studying TOGAF, but what about passing the exams? How can one become a TOGAF practitioner, and what does the TOGAF certification path look like?
Preparing for the CISA Exam

Preparing for the CISA Exam

It has gotten to the point where CISA certification is often a prerequisite for high-level auditing positions. Getting certified is certainly an excellent goal to prepare for, but how should you go about passing the CISA exam itself?
Preparing for the Change Management Exams

Preparing for the Change Management Exams

If a candidate wants to verify their capabilities as a change manager, one of the first steps is passing the Change Management exams!
What is a DevOps Toolchain

What is a DevOps Toolchain?

Toolchains are fundamental to the mentality of DevOps, especially considering just how many tools and pieces of software can go into a DevOps environment. Each is used to solve a particular problem, and teams will constantly be looking out for new ways to perform tasks more effectively.
Understanding the ITIL Continual Improvement Process

Understanding the ITIL Continual Improvement Process

Though it no longer has a dedicated module, continual improvement is central to ITIL 4’s ‘Service Value System (SVS)’. It is continually applied in all areas used to create or manage services, ensuring they can continue to evolve however possible while remaining fully aligned with business priorities.
The Digital Transformation Journey - How to Model a Business Strategy

The Digital Transformation Journey – How to Model a Business Strategy

The webinar, called 'The Digital Transformation Journey - How to Model a Business Strategy’, will focus on iServer 365, an SaaS modeling tool created by Orbus Software.
Measuring the Success of AgilePM

Measuring the Success of AgilePM

So why is it supposedly any more difficult to measure success in Agile projects? The easy answer is this: style.
How successful IT leaders are changing the ITSM agenda

Good e-Learning Hosts Free Webinar on Evolution of IT

Business consultant and ITIL author David Cannon will lead discussions on recent industry developments within IT and how organizations are responding.

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