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Steve is a leading practitioner lecturer, educator, and trainer in Enterprise Architecture (EA), with a number of roles in the global strategic transformation community. The Founder and CEO of EA Principals. Steve is one of the leading 10 TOGAF trainers in the world, having trained about 1750 people himself. He is author of the book, “Organization Theory and Transformation of Large, Complex Organizations." Steve designed ArchiMate 2.0 Certification and TOGAF Certification e-learning in conjunction with Good e-Learning and trains groups around the world.
ArchiMate Relationships

Learning ArchiMate Part 2 – ArchiMate Relationships Explained

Each of the ArchiMate concepts have specific relationships to each other that represent flow, dependencies, realizations, and others. Relationships usually have specific pairings, but not always.

Learning ArchiMate Part 1 – Core Concepts

ArchiMate is a valuable modeling language for developing enterprise architectures but exactly how important is it as part of an Enterprise Architect’s tool box?
ArchiMate Viewpoints

ArchiMate: Developing Relevant Viewpoints Directed At Specific Stakeholders

ArchiMate establishes a wide set of symbols used to graphically represent these various elements in meaningful ways to the various interested parties. Here's how...

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IT4IT - The Storyvideo

What Exactly Is IT4IT? Here’s the Full Story

The IT4IT vision is a vendor-neutral Reference Architecture for managing the business of IT and underpins the important work done with IT frameworks such as TOGAF® 9, COBIT® and ITIL®.