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Which is Better: AgilePgM vs. MSP

Which is Better: AgilePgM vs. MSP

Of course, there is no rule to say that you can’t utilize a framework like MSP while introducing Agile elements. As we already said, there are several similarities between MSP and AgilePgM that can make them compatible.
How Do DevOps Engineers Get Headhunted?

How Do DevOps Engineers Get Headhunted?

Anyone within a DevOps culture can claim the title regardless of their skills, so before you start looking for roles relating to the title, it is worth taking the time to define exactly what kind of position you are looking for.
TOGAF 10 TOGAF 9.3 update

TOGAF 10: What do we Know so Far?

The current version of TOGAF, TOGAF 9.2, was released back in 2018. Since then, the Open Group has made several updates to the TOGAF Library and has even addressed how popular topics like digital transformation relate to TOGAF.
managing complex change in a business

How to Manage Complex Change

Regardless of the difficulty, complex change initiatives are happening far more frequently in businesses around the world. Risks and opportunities are appearing more often in today’s markets, and businesses with the capacity to undertake and sustain organizational change have the potential to enjoy major gains in terms of reputation and ROIs. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic have also stressed the need for embedded change management practices in case of unforeseen challenges.
What is the ITIL 4 Service Value Chain (SVC)

What is the ITIL 4 Service Value Chain (SVC)?

The ITIL SVC is an operating model that enables the delivery of bespoke services. It utilizes six key ‘Activities’ that help ITIL practitioners to conceptualize, create, review, and improve high-quality services that are fully suited to client and stakeholder requirements.
Which is Better: ITIL 4 vs. COBIT 2019

Which is Better: ITIL 4 vs. COBIT 2019

Both are highly successful in their own right and have seen multiple iterations over the years. Each framework also received a recent update to reflect the modern landscape of digital and IT management. Better still, both are suitable for virtually any business regardless of industry, sector, or location.
Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Together, DevOps and DevSecOps represent three factors that cannot be ignored if you want your business to compete: quality, speed, and security. The importance of the lattermost factor cannot be ignored, and it could be argued that DevOps, in general, is moving towards a DevSecOps mindset as a result.
AgileSHIFT vs. Change Management

Which is Better: AgileSHIFT vs. APMG Change Management

The main difference is in their use of Agile. Change Management acknowledges agile ways of working but puts a great deal of emphasis on leaders and stakeholders. Leaders should engage with teams to alleviate issues, and stakeholder engagement is a major priority. AgileSHIFT, on the other hand, is more about empowering individuals to support and initiate change initiatives, with much less emphasis on their seniority.
Which is Better: DevOps vs. SRE

Which is Better: DevOps vs. SRE

The thing is, DevOps and SRE actually have more similarities than differences. Both focus on bridging the gap between development and operations, automating manual tasks wherever possible, and optimizing software pipelines in terms of efficiency, reliability, quality, and adaptability.

Which is Better: IT4IT vs. TOGAF 9.2

IT4IT and TOGAF are both highly prominent names in IT and business management. However, it is important to realize that they perform distinct functions and work on different scales.

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