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establishing enterprise architecture in banks

How to Create an EA Practice in Banks – Q&A With Robert McKee

"... it is critical that EA knowledge becomes relevant to a much wider spectrum of the business to achieve agility."
path to become a site reliability engineer sre

Which Is the Best Path to Become a Site Reliability Engineer?

Site reliability engineers come from different backgrounds and tend to specialize in one or two areas touched by SRE. This means that the best path to becoming an SRE practitioner varies and largely depends on your current knowledge, experience, and skills.
What Are the Traits of Great Site Reliability Engineers

What Are the Traits of Great Site Reliability Engineers?

It is no surprise that with such a broad spectrum of activities, curious SREs are the ones who thrive the most.
TOGAF 10 what's new

What’s New With the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition?

TOGAF 10 represents the culmination of several years worth of expertise, discussion, and first-hand experience from companies and practitioners at the cutting edge of EA.
What Are the Best Books for PRINCE2

What Are the Best Books for PRINCE2?

When it comes to studying project management, it never really 'ends'. Whether as a student or an active project manager, it is important to always be on the lookout for new insight and ideas.
Is Learning Algorithms Important for DevOps Engineers

Is Learning Algorithms Important for DevOps Engineers?

An 'algorithm' is a set of rules, steps, or processes to follow, usually for the sake of solving problems, making calculations, and...

What Are the Best Practices of PRINCE2 Foundation?

One of the most important things for candidates to learn is that the best practices of the PRINCE2 methodology are not simply a set way of doing things. Rather, they are formed by PRINCE2's Principles, Processes, and Themes.
What is Enterprise Technology

What is Enterprise Technology?

The goal of enterprise technology is to solve business problems, as well as integrate and simplify workflows, enable access to information and facilitate communication in the business.
What Is a Cyber Attack and How Can It Impact Your Business

What Is a Cyber Attack and How Can It Impact Your Business?

Organizations must have a good understanding of what cyber-attacks are and how big an impact they can have on business operations to be ready to respond to and recover from them.
What Is the Relation Between ITIL and PRINCE2

What Is the Relation Between ITIL and PRINCE2?

Both frameworks are widely used, highly adaptable, and updated on a regular basis, creating active and thriving practitioner communities. However, with their prominence comes the question, 'ITIL or PRINCE2?' Can a business or individual benefit from utilizing both ITIL 4 and PRINCE2? Do the frameworks complement or compete with one another?

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