LMS Benefits

What is a learning management system (LMS)? In short, it is a software application that powers e-learning. They are used to administrate, document, track and report on the delivery of educational courses and training programs. They are the central hubs for learning within a business environment and they are where individuals, learners, teachers, trainers and managers come together and share their knowledge for the benefit  of everyone.

Anyone who’s involved with e-learning is using a learning management system whether you are a small, medium or large organization and are designed and developed to adapt to your business objectives. A Learning Management System allows you to create e-learning content, organize it into courses, deliver the content, enrol students to courses and monitor and assess their performances.

Building a Learning Management System offers you these benefits:

1) Cut Costs

You can cut down on costs which come with traditional classroom teaching methods. Staff training and development can take up a lot of your budget. Once you have an LMS implemented into your organization, you will realise how much money you can save on factors which come with traditional teaching methods.

2) Monitor and Assess Progress

Learning Management Systems offer a feature in which you can track and monitor a student’s progress at any time. A good LMS will make monitoring and assessing a smooth progress for both tutors and students. You can use reporting and analytics tools to keep track of learner progress and see that they are meeting their performance milestones. Students can get their queries answered from their instructors at any time which is easier than meeting them face to face and can make personalised learning plans.

3) Flexibility

Learning Management Systems allows students to study the material online at their own pace, whether it be on a laptop, desktop or tablet device at any time as long as they have an internet connection.

4) Reduce Learning Time

A learning management system reduces learning time. Instead of having to sit through many instructor led lessons, online students can have all the course material right in front of them at any time and can choose the order in which they do the course. This makes learning more enjoyable and friendly for the user.

5) E-Commerce

Learning Management Systems allow students to purchase online sources and course material and start learning immediately. Browsing can generate additional revenue by cross-selling or up selling revenue, and users can be provided with incentives to purchase.

6) Easy Upgrades

The content and information on a Learning Management System can be easily upgraded. This is because they use a centralised location for content, making it easy to make a change to things such as specifications and forms. The users will also get the updated content at the same time.

The Learning Ecosystem

The Learning Ecosystem is Good e-Learnings solution to a Learning Management System and has been designed to achieve the objectives of the organization. Like any other Learning Management System, it is the central hub for learning within the organization. The Learning Eco System enables the organization to up-skill their learners and can achieve all the benefits as mentioned above.

It is a community of like-minded individuals, learners, teachers, trainers, managers andorganizations that have come together to collaborate and share their accumulated knowledge for the benefit of everyone. It has a huge range of internal training courses, videos, resources, assessments, virtual classrooms and social learning. It gives individuals access to the full range of accredited courses for IT professionals from Good e-Learning and options for commercial expansion. Finally, it offers a global reach, with trainers and tutors  all over the world, with a range of multi-lingual and localization services available.

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The Learning Ecosystem (LMS)

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