Good e-Learning bespoke eLearning is designed exclusively with your business needs, culture and capabilities in mind, therefore it will be 100 percent relevant to your organization and your learners.

There are obvious benefits for a bespoke eLearning solution in terms of user engagement and involvement, but the return on investment can be huge too because there’s no need to renew licenses!

Programs that fit seamlessly into your culture, corporate language and tone of voice, are a powerful addition to your learning and development offering.

Customized eLearning

Jamie has been with Good e-Learning now for nearly two years working as the Marketing Executive. With a background in Marketing including an Msc in Business & Consumer Marketing from the University of Liverpool, he’s been working across all marketing and sales channels in Good e-Learning. In particular, the exciting work with bespoke course and video production and the Learning Ecosystem. Outside of work he’s an avid Arsenal FC fan and has penchant for telling people that Terminator 2 is the best film ever made.