Good E-Learning Becomes ‘Market Leader’ for ITIL Training


Good e-Learning has been accredited as a ‘Market Leader’ in ITIL online training by the Course Conductor Trusted Training Radar Report.

The independent report gave Good e-Learning particularly high praise in the categories of Customer Service, Flexibility, and Professionalism. The company scored a total of 92%, with 90% of customers saying they would recommend GEL to their colleagues.

Course Conductor is an analytics firm that focuses on online training providers. Using a strictly defined assessment process, Course Conductor judges various qualities in each candidate’s training portfolio. Potential clients can then examine the results to compare and contrast the qualities of different providers before choosing where to invest.

Course Conductor Founder and CEO Craig Kilford said:

Now, in terms of the actual narrative in the feedback, this really focuses on three things: the first was happiness with the overall design of the e-Learning platform. The second thing was the high-quality course content. And the third thing, and perhaps the most referenced by customers, was the speed in which Good e-Learning responds to queries instantaneously online during the e-Learning experience for people.”

Good e-Learning has a full portfolio of ITIL training courses. Having long covered the ITIL V3 certification path, the company was also one of the first to market with ITIL 4 training content. 

Want to find out more about Good e-Learning’s award-winning online training portfolio? Visit our website or contact a member of our team today!

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