Good e-Learning is excited to announce that it will be attending and sponsoring DoceboInspire, the global e-learning conference.

The DoceboInspire conference attracts some of the company’s biggest clients, with over 500 L&D professionals set to attend this year alone. Attendees will be able to enjoy keynote speeches, roundtable discussions and networking opportunities with major industry game-changers. Experts will also be sharing insight into actionable strategies, best practices and new opportunities for the world of e-learning, such as multi-platform compatibility, social learning and AI in the workplace.

Since 2005, Docebo has become a leading learning management system (LMS) platform for companies which utilize e-learning, including Uber and Bloomberg. Good e-Learning also recently began a partnership with Docebo to become a value-added reseller, providing access to the platform along with implementation, integration and support services.

Good e-Learning itself will be making an appearance at the Networking Lunch on 11th October. GEL Sales Manager Tom Dunning will also be delivering a speech on the company’s approach to e-learning and how it has made waves across the industry.

“It is no secret to anyone just how vital Docebo has become for organizations making use of what e-learning has to offer,” writes Mr. Dunning. “Now it is helping to bring professionals closer together, allowing them to learn from each other and take their offerings to the next level.

“Good e-Learning has always been ready to adapt to new challenges, whether this means boosting our offering with new courses or adding the latest e-learning techniques to our arsenal. We can’t wait to meet others from around the world and really showcase what we can do!”

“We’re extremely pleased to have Good e-Learning as a sponsor for this year’s DoceboInspire Conference in Toronto,” says Claudio Erba, Founder and CEO of Docebo. “We’re going even bigger this year and bringing together L&D professionals for three days of unrivaled industry learning, networking and will be announcing exciting news about Docebo’s future.”

This year’s conference is set to take place in downtown Toronto from 10th to 12th October. Tickets are still available, so be sure to stop by and say hello!

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