What are the Benefits of Archimate?

Archimate helps to develop an organizations Enterprise Architecture. Here are some of the key benefits of the framework:

  • It ensures consistency across all architecture models. This means an organizations’ communication of architecture is clear & consistent across all your business domains.
  • It provides stakeholders with guidance. With Archimate, stakeholders will be able to design, assess & communicate the consequences of any decisions & changes within these business domains.
  • Developing sustaining and changing an enterprise architecture is a very complex process. Archimate helps by providing material such as a framework, viewpoints and other reference materials. These can be used by architects & analysts, whether they are new or experience to the discipline.
  • Archimate is always kept up to date. The latest developments and ideas in Enterprise Architecture are taken into consideration and the Archimate framework is continually being enhanced.
  • Organizations will never be short of finding the right people to help develop their Enterprise Architecture as there are plenty of certified practitioners & trainers.

Our ArchiMate® 2 Certified (level 1 & 2) v2.1 e-Learning course is perfect for anyone looking to learn the ArchiMate 2.1 modeling language and how to practically apply it when creating enterprise architecture models. Like all of Good e-Learning’s courses you can start a free trial today!

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