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Like ArchiMate 2.1, ArchiMate 3.0 is a modelling language for enterprise architecture, allowing enterprise architects to visualize, analyse, and describe the relationships among architecture domains with clarity and confidence. It is closely linked to and aligned with the TOGAF standard as they are both from The Open Group.

Specification Update

ArchiMate 3.0 was published by The Open Group in 2016 and is a big update from ArchiMate 2.1 in terms of specification features.

Specification updates:

  • Strategy and motivation new concepts
  • Improvements in cross-layer relationships
  • New physical layer
  • New entities – application, technology and implementation layers
  • Better ways to connect planning with implementation
  • Improvements in the viewpoints definition mechanism

Good e-Learning offer 3 ArchiMate courses to its customers. The ArchiMate 2 Certified course is for people who want to build an understanding of ArchiMate 2.1 and develop artefacts using ArchiMate. The ArchiMate 3 Practitioner course covers the ArchiMate 3.0 modelling language and how it can be applied when creating enterprise architecture models, completing the exam will enable the candidate to deploy the ArchiMate specification in an architecture practice. The ArchiMate 3 Bridging course is similar to the practitioner course, but with a focus on outlining the improvements from the 2.1 standard.

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