Good e-Learning’s next webinar is set to tackle the challenges of creating a viable business strategy for business & digital transformation initiatives.

In the Digital Age, a company’s evolving digital presence plays an essential role in its ability to achieve strategic targets and meet client expectations. Not only can digital transformation programs provide businesses with the capabilities they require to achieve these goals, but they can also optimize elements such as efficiency, collaboration, and cost-effectiveness.

Modeling a digital strategy can help to guarantee alignment between strategic incentives and digital transformation initiatives. That being said, creating an effective digital transformation plan requires a well-structured approach and utmost clarity. This is where business strategy modeling comes in handy.

The webinar, called ‘The Digital Transformation Journey – How to Model a Business Strategy’, will focus on iServer 365, an SaaS modeling tool created by Orbus Software. It can be integrated within a company’s existing system and acts as a central repository and authoritative source of truth for enterprise portfolio information. This can formalize the structure of the organization, creating a level of clarity that enhances decision-making and empowers digital transformation via intuitive dashboards.

The webinar will also cover topics such as:

  • Escalating IT costs & complexity
  • Increased competition and market disruption
  • Changes in customer behaviors
  • The drivers that initiate digital transformation
  • The purpose of digital strategy modeling and how to approach it
  • How iServer 365 empowers successful business strategy modeling

The host, Rion Clarke-Fortune, is a highly experienced enterprise architecture consultant, as well as the product strategy manager for Good e-Learning. He has implemented Orbus Software products such as iServer and iServer 365 across a range of industry verticals and can offer unique insight into how businesses can utilize digital modeling to solidify and realize strategic objectives. He will also be taking questions from attendees towards the end of the webinar.

Good e-Learning is an award-winning online training provider with courses covering a range of business domains, including digital transformation and enterprise architecture. The company also works with subject matter experts to deliver unique and insightful content for both certification candidates and qualified professionals.

The webinar will take place on the 15th of October at 6 PM (BST) or 12 PM (CDT). Attendees can register here

Visit the Good e-Learning website today to find out more.

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