The product of four years’ hard work by The Open Group, the IT4IT standard was released in October 2015.

The IT4IT standard does not replace anything. It complements and enhances your current structures, and addresses something that your existing frameworks, up until now, have never addressed.

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Models such as ITIL and COBIT offer standards on a process level, but give nothing prescriptive. They do not tell you how to manage your service models and life-cycles, or what kinds of systems to put in place. The IT4IT standard is the natural next step.

Since its conception, more than a trillion dollars has been spent on IT framework training, certification and implementation, with important work being done with ITIL and COBIT. But the recovery of this value has sometimes been elusive.

Other mature industry verticals, such as retail or telecom, and professionalized management functions such as HR and Finance, all have a standard approach and reference architecture. The lack of such in IT is driving up cost.

IT4IT is the Solution. It is a Prescriptive IT Reference Architecture

It reduces cost, simplifies, and brings end-to-end trace-ability to your IT production. But the Open Group decided that it wasn’t enough to just solve the operational side of IT.

IT starts with planning. Business process modelling identifies the problems that the lines of business have. This leads to demand being registered with IT. IT translates this into requirement.

The project is created. Product is developed. Defects are found.

It is becoming increasingly apparent that IT is a production-organized business. IT takes demand from the business lines, then produces and delivers services.

And what kind of method would a production-organized business employ to increase efficiency and drive-down cost?

It would use the Value-chain concept. The value chain is tested and proven. It is business-based and can be measured. IT4IT provides the structure and tools for organizations to manage their IT function as if it were a business in its own right, and achieve the same level of business discipline, predictability and efficiency as other functions in the business.

It enables IT management to work across the entire Value Chain in a better, faster, cheaper way with less risk and without involving a wholesale organizational change. You can map your current landscape onto IT4IT, and you can do it incrementally. It is not just theoretical. It is very do-able. It works.

Good e-Learning will be one of the first Open Group accredited suppliers of online the IT4IT standard training. Our professional and engaging certification courses offer you an opportunity to self-pace your own learning and reduce your costs.

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