Award-winning online training provider Good e-Learning has announced a free webinar on the future of the ITSM agenda.

The advent of the Digital Age has transformed IT from a mere enabler of business functions into an essential consideration for corporate strategy. Digital services drive both client offerings and internal processes, and constant advancements have created markets where the most successful businesses are those capable of driving rapid and continuous improvement.

Good e-Learning states: “The primary focus of IT Service Management programmes over the past 20 years has been on operational processes like incident, problem and change management. But as digital transformation projects accelerate, IT leaders are expanding the focus of ITSM so that they can play a greater role in business leadership.”

Business consultant and ITIL author David Cannon will lead discussions on recent industry developments within IT and how organizations are responding. David will also look at how the sphere is changing for existing and prospective ITSM practitioners, many of whom find strategic thinking an increasingly important requirement for unlocking high-level roles.

The webinar will address three specific areas:

  • How to overcome the limitations of existing tools and processes without increasing IT spend
  • Three things you can do in the next six months to adapt your ITSM program to play a leading role in your organization’s digital transformation
  • How to position your career for success in rapidly changing organizations

David Cannon is a highly experienced business consultant and executive with a sterling history of leading successful transformation programs. He has also seen the evolution of IT first-hand, having worked as the co-author of the publications for ITIL v3 Service Operation and ITIL v3 Service Strategy and the lead editor for the ITIL 4 Digital and IT Strategy book.

Towards the end of the session, attendees will have the chance to ask David their questions.

The webinar is set to take place on the 14th of October at 6 PM (BST) or 12 PM (CDT). You can register for free here.

Good e-Learning is a fully accredited Market Leader for ITIL online training. The company works with subject matter experts to deliver unique insight for students, helping them pass their exams while also preparing them to apply their training in practice.

Visit the Good e-Learning website today to find out more!

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