What are the Benefits From TOGAF® for Different Types of Stakeholder?

In this series of blogs we’re going to examine the benefits of the TOGAF to an organization.

In doing this we need to consider the various stakeholders that have a stake in architectural changes. The value and benefits for each stakeholder will vary – depending on the nature of the changes, the role and concerns of the stakeholder, and their relationship to other stakeholders.

The Human Resource or Personnel Department:

People responsible for recruitment, training, or career development within an organization.

Direct Benefits from Enterprise Architecture

  • Provides a training discipline.
  • Career opportunities beyond TOGAF® – additional training or learning.

Direct Benefits from TOGAF®

  • Provides a fairly well-accepted standard or baseline of training in Enterprise Architecture.
  • Provides certification of enterprise architects, which gives a benchmark for assessing job applicants, etc.
  • Checklists of skills in the Skills Framework.
  • Various models to help establish architecture related work teams – e.g. governance, the EA team itself, etc.

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Roger has been working as an Enterprise Architect since 1984, and over the years has been involved in some of the most advanced, innovative and challenging Enterprise Architecture projects. He has extensive experience in applying all of the key EA approaches, including Zachman, TOGAF and Information FrameWork (IFW) and has been involved in establishing and embedding Enterprise Architecture Programmes that delivered strategic business results in organisations all around the world. Roger now works as a trainer, mentor and coach, specialising in developing individual and organisational capability in using Enterprise Architecture techniques and tools.