What is Application Architecture?

Any organization will face challenges that need to be solved.  The form of these solutions will vary.  Sometimes it is just a tweak to the process.

Sometimes it requires installing something physical.  And sometimes it means purchasing or creating a software application, and these software solutions are the realm of the Application Architect.

In the face of today’s unprecedented pace of technological change, the analysts at Gartner predict that more than 75% of multi-enterprise processes will be implemented as composite applications by 2018.

Application Architecture diagram

TOGAF defines the objective of Application Architecture as “defining the major kinds of application systems necessary to process the data and support the business”.  In other words, the Application Architect defines the framework of Application solutions, and lays out a blueprint to implement it.

As a discipline, it lays the foundation for agility, scalability and reliability in your application framework.  The keyword here is agility.  Traditional businesses are being reinvented overnight.  With successful Application Architecture, your organization can respond quickly and effectively to sudden changes in the landscape.

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