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Preparing for the Change Management Exams

Preparing for the Change Management Exams

If a candidate wants to verify their capabilities as a change manager, one of the first steps is passing the Change Management exams!
managing complex change in a business

How to Manage Complex Change

Regardless of the difficulty, complex change initiatives are happening far more frequently in businesses around the world. Risks and opportunities are appearing more often in today’s markets, and businesses with the capacity to undertake and sustain organizational change have the potential to enjoy major gains in terms of reputation and ROIs. Events like the COVID-19 pandemic have also stressed the need for embedded change management practices in case of unforeseen challenges.
AgileSHIFT vs. Change Management

Which is Better: AgileSHIFT vs. APMG Change Management

The main difference is in their use of Agile. Change Management acknowledges agile ways of working but puts a great deal of emphasis on leaders and stakeholders. Leaders should engage with teams to alleviate issues, and stakeholder engagement is a major priority. AgileSHIFT, on the other hand, is more about empowering individuals to support and initiate change initiatives, with much less emphasis on their seniority.
The Importance of Change Management During Digital Transformation Initiatives

The Importance of Change Management During Digital Transformation Initiatives

It’s important to note that digital transformation is not simply about digitizing your services. Rather, it is the holistic adoption of digital-first data applications across your philosophies, collaborations, and processes.
types of change management transformation

Types of Change Management

Change management is an expansive topic (hardly surprising given its importance), and, as such, there are different types of change that require different change strategies to lead them effectively.
managing resistance to change

Managing Resistance to Organizational Change

If a change initiative is handled poorly, it is likely to generate even more resistance from those at different levels of a business, including employees, managers, executives, and high-level stakeholders. This can end up creating roadblocks for the initiative or may even limit the resulting benefits.
Why is change management necessary transformation management

Why is Change Management Necessary?

Whereas change or transformation initiatives previously have focused on benefits and technical requirements, modern approaches focus far more on the people that support, resist, and endure the effects of changes. Whatever a proposed initiative might say on paper, the only way for any change to hit the ground running is to have sufficient support and insight from those who keep the organization running.
Managing resistance to change

Managing Resistance to Change

Unfortunately, human beings are, ultimately, creatures of habit. It’s certainly no different when it comes to our jobs. We prefer to have consistent processes we can stick to for the sake of saving time and keeping as focused. Regardless of how complex or senior an individual’s role may be, this rule will almost always apply in one form or another. As a result, resistance to change management initiatives can come from virtually anywhere.

What Is a Change Management Plan?

A useful rule to remember is that a change management plan will most likely be required for any change or transformation initiatives that need a strategic approach.

ITIL 4 and Change Management

If you are not familiar with ITIL 4 as a framework, it is important to remember that it focuses on the entire lifecycle of IT services. Whether they are internal or customer-facing, and from conception past the point of deployment, ITIL 4 supports the optimization of services that create or support value. Because of this, its Change Enablement process was designed to be applicable across the spectrum of IT as well as any business elements connected to it.

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