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What is a DevOps Toolchain

What is a DevOps Toolchain?

Toolchains are fundamental to the mentality of DevOps, especially considering just how many tools and pieces of software can go into a DevOps environment. Each is used to solve a particular problem, and teams will constantly be looking out for new ways to perform tasks more effectively.
How Do DevOps Engineers Get Headhunted?

How Do DevOps Engineers Get Headhunted?

Anyone within a DevOps culture can claim the title regardless of their skills, so before you start looking for roles relating to the title, it is worth taking the time to define exactly what kind of position you are looking for.
Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Together, DevOps and DevSecOps represent three factors that cannot be ignored if you want your business to compete: quality, speed, and security. The importance of the lattermost factor cannot be ignored, and it could be argued that DevOps, in general, is moving towards a DevSecOps mindset as a result.
Which is Better: DevOps vs. SRE

Which is Better: DevOps vs. SRE

The thing is, DevOps and SRE actually have more similarities than differences. Both focus on bridging the gap between development and operations, automating manual tasks wherever possible, and optimizing software pipelines in terms of efficiency, reliability, quality, and adaptability.
Developing a DevOps Cultural Mindset

Developing a DevOps Cultural Mindset

There is no sole DevOps methodology, nor is there a prescriptive DevOps approach. Instead, DevOps engineers will follow the general pillars of the approach and create ‘DevOps cultures’ with structures suited to their own specific organizations.
site reliability engineers vs devops engineers sre

Site Reliability Engineers vs. DevOps Engineers

At this point, SRE and DevOps have been co-existing for nearly a decade. There is no shortage of companies that utilize both frameworks simultaneously, yet there remains a popular discourse that the two are competitors that cover the exact same ground.
Getting Started as a DevOps Engineer

Getting Started as a DevOps Engineer

It’s quite popular nowadays. DevOps is a powerful set of practices and tools to achieve application modernization, maturity, and fast time-to-market products that match final users requirements.
Challenges creating a devops culture

Challenges of Creating a DevOps Culture

In essence, creating a DevOps culture is far from a simple affair. Rather, it is a process of continuous reoptimization and improvement, with senior DevOps engineers constantly working to optimize their pipelines while still sticking to the tenets that have made DevOps so successful.

Future of Automation in DevOps

“If you want speed, you need automation. If you want deployments, you need automation. If you want basic security, you need automation. If you are building a nuclear reactor, and need surety, you still need automation. Automation accelerates multiple practices. Simply management theory demands if you can automate and remove lower-level costs to add higher-level solutions, you do so.”
What is database devops

What is Database DevOps?

Manual work is largely replaced with automated processes driven by open-source DevOps tools designed specifically for database work. This not only frees up a great amount of time but also makes the results more reliable, as there is less room for human error.

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