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What Impact Has Lockdown Had on DevOps Teams

What Impact Has Lockdown Had on DevOps Teams?

Digitization is par the course for DevOps work, and most teams were utilizing software for remote communication and scheduling well before the start of the Pandemic. However, that is not to say that the new global working situation, coupled with new developments in technology, have not created their own share of challenges for DevOps teams.
Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Which is Better: DevOps vs. DevSecOps

Together, DevOps and DevSecOps represent three factors that cannot be ignored if you want your business to compete: quality, speed, and security. The importance of the lattermost factor cannot be ignored, and it could be argued that DevOps, in general, is moving towards a DevSecOps mindset as a result.
Benefits of DevSecOps

What Are the Benefits of DevSecOps?

‘DevSecOps’ is very much an evolution of DevOps. It puts Security (Sec) on the same level of importance as Development and Operations, integrating it into the DevOps pipeline and making the wider DevOps culture responsible for meeting security targets.
Agile vs DevOps methodology project management software development

What’s the Difference Between Agile and DevOps?

As is often the case with popular ways of doing things, both Agile and DevOps are often treated as buzzwords, typically by organizations that want to enjoy the benefits but do not understand what either approach entails, let alone whether they would make suitable choices. So, what is Agile? What is DevOps? How are they different, and how can they complement one another?

What Skills Does a DevSecOps Engineer Need?

What distinguishes DevSecOps engineers from standard security officers isn’t technical skill; it’s being able to work within and improve DevOps cultures.

Preparing for the DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE exams

Becoming certified in DevOps, DevSecOps, or SRE verifies a candidate’s knowledge of their chosen methodology, how to apply it, and how it can create value.

Security vs. Speed in DevOps

"...rather than being a problem, the need for security should be seen as an instigator for evolution. End-users are accustomed to having their cake and eating it too. Quality is the boss, and it isn’t willing to let speed or security slack off."

How to Get Certified in DevOps, DevSecOps, and SRE

With optimized development and operations pipelines often being crucial for satisfying the expectations of end-users and stakeholders, there is an ever-increasing demand for certified DevOps engineers.

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