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Why Is Corporate Training Important For Businesses to Compete

Why Is Corporate Training Important For Businesses to Compete?

If there is a gap between the capabilities of your staff and what your organization seeks to accomplish, it is up to you to find a solution. As your business continues to grow, you will find that upskilling your staff is one of the most economical and beneficial solutions to this dilemma.
The Importance of Change Management During Digital Transformation Initiatives

The Importance of Change Management During Digital Transformation Initiatives

It’s important to note that digital transformation is not simply about digitizing your services. Rather, it is the holistic adoption of digital-first data applications across your philosophies, collaborations, and processes.
Open Group Releases TOGAF 10

Why Adopt a Management Framework?

A framework is, essentially, a collection of tools, insight, and best practices on one or multiple areas of business management. They are usually backed up by international organizations and driven by feedback not only from leading experts but also practitioners dealing with new and exciting challenges within their day-to-day roles.
how to avoid burnout elearning e-learning

How To Avoid E-Learning Burnout

When the pandemic started, many businesses shifted to remote working arrangements. This has led to a dramatic shift in how workers operate,...

What’s the Difference Between a Methodology and a Framework?

While the terms are sometimes used interchangeably, there are some distinct differences between them in relation to what kind of guidance they provide, how flexible or stringent they are, how much control they offer managers, and whether they can incorporate other methodologies, frameworks, and so on.
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Top Six Misconceptions About Online Training

Training has reached a new level thanks to e-learning, and employees can now earn certifications in creative and innovative ways. Yet, there is still misguided apprehension when it comes to participating in any method of learning, even one that has come such a long way from its initial application.

E-Learning and What It Can Mean to You

Online training offers a proven method for learning more about a role, as well as how to perform tasks more effectively. E-learning is also a flexible and accessible solution for learners, as they can fit training around their own schedules, whether they are accessing courses at home, at work, or during their daily commute.

Investing in Online Training for a Team or Department

A training manager needs to be able to administer, assess, and shape training experiences for students, ensuring that they can access courses, along with support, as easily as possible.

Good E-Learning Offers Free Resits With Exam Pledge

We have now launched an Exam Pledge, a promise to offer students an exam retake voucher in the off chance they may have to do a resit. We are confident about our students ability to pass the first time, but we are pledging to pay for the resit, if needed, to ensure our students success.

Good e-Learning Offers 20% Off in Spring Sale

Using the code ‘SPRINGSALE’, customers can enjoy 20% off any course from Good e-Learning’s award-winning portfolio.

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