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What is AXELOS ProPath?

What is AXELOS ProPath?

The wholly modern frameworks that make up ProPath offer best practices that equip candidates and companies to thrive in competitive environments. Each framework is also popular enough to have thriving practitioner communities ready to offer advice and answer questions for ambitious candidates.
Measuring the Success of AgilePM

Measuring the Success of AgilePM

So why is it supposedly any more difficult to measure success in Agile projects? The easy answer is this: style.
Preparing for the Management of Risk (M_o_R) Exams

Preparing for the Management of Risk (M_o_R) Exams

If your goal is to become a qualified risk management expert, you’ll need to take the M_o_R Foundation and Practitioner exams. We’ve prepared some tips to make sure you enter them ready to pass.
Preparing for the Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) Exams

Preparing for the Agile Programme Management (AgilePgM) Exams

If you want to become a qualified AgilePgM practitioner, you’ll first need to pass the AgilePgM Foundation exam. We’ve prepared 7 top tips to make sure you enter the exams ready to pass and with a good understanding of AgilePgM.
Which is Better: AgilePgM vs. MSP

Which is Better: AgilePgM vs. MSP

Of course, there is no rule to say that you can’t utilize a framework like MSP while introducing Agile elements. As we already said, there are several similarities between MSP and AgilePgM that can make them compatible.
difference between project and program management

What’s the Difference Between Project and Program Management?

When it comes to ‘project management’ and ‘program management’, organizations need to be aware that there are significant differences between them. The best practices, skills, and levels of experience required for project and program managers are distinct. In short, if a company wants to enjoy the full benefits of both, they must be aware of the differences between project and program management.
Will studying prince2 help me land a role

What Jobs Can I Land With PRINCE2 Certification?

PRINCE2 practitioners often enjoy a much wider choice of jobs to apply for and will even earn more than non-certified colleagues, quickly answering the question: “Is PRINCE2 certification worth the cost?”
Agile vs DevOps methodology project management software development

What’s the Difference Between Agile and DevOps?

As is often the case with popular ways of doing things, both Agile and DevOps are often treated as buzzwords, typically by organizations that want to enjoy the benefits but do not understand what either approach entails, let alone whether they would make suitable choices. So, what is Agile? What is DevOps? How are they different, and how can they complement one another?
Managing Successful Programmes MSP 5th Edition update AXELOS

MSP 5th Edition: What’s Changed About Managing Successful Programmes?

MSP 5th Edition is the latest edition of AXELOS’ world-class program management framework. What has changed? How has it been updated? Good e-Learning looks at everything you need to know about the new framework
Badgile Avoiding mistakes in Agile project management

Badgile – Avoiding Mistakes in Agile Project Management

There are differing ideas on what constitutes an ‘Agile framework’, not only between software and project management teams but also between organizations of different sizes, sectors, and so on. Because of this, whenever someone chooses to adopt Agile simply because of its prestige, it can be surprisingly easy to make a mistake.

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