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establishing enterprise architecture in banks

How to Create an EA Practice in Banks – Q&A With Robert McKee

"... it is critical that EA knowledge becomes relevant to a much wider spectrum of the business to achieve agility."
TOGAF 10 what's new

What’s New With the TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition?

TOGAF 10 represents the culmination of several years worth of expertise, discussion, and first-hand experience from companies and practitioners at the cutting edge of EA.

Measuring Success in TOGAF

Enterprise Architecture serves a crucial function when it comes to strategic transformation and optimization. By clarifying organizational requirements, goals, and capabilities, enterprise...
Open Group Releases TOGAF 10

The Open Group Releases TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition

This new release represents a major step forward in marrying TOGAF with numerous recent developments in business, technology, and general EA practices.

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Having set the standard for enterprise architecture for over two decades, The Open Group caused a huge stir when it announced TOGAF Version 9.2. Both new enterprise architecture students and experienced TOGAF practitioners had several pertinent questions...

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